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[Hitman 3 Sale PS4]Sony announces the list of PS4 games that PS5,Only ten

  The next generation of game host PlayStation5 is officially launched for more than a month.Sony Choose which PS4 games will not be run on the PS5 host.


  This list is very short,Only “DW VR”, “African Samurai 2: Cuma’s revenge (Afro Samurai2: Revenge of Kuma”, “Man Island TT Event: Edge Racing 2 (Tt Isle of Man-Ride On The Edge”:


  Man Shi TT Event: Edge Racing 2

  ”Just Dear with it!”,” Shadow Complex Remastered “,” Robinson: Robinson: THE JOURNEY “,” WE Sing “,” Killer Go: Ultimate Edition (Hitman Go: Definitive Edition “:


  Killer Go: Ultimate Edition

  And “Shadwen” and “Joe’s Diner” and other ten games,The most important thing is that there is no 3A masterpiece.

  of course,The game supported by PS5 may also have some functional failure (Sony does not provide details),Or face “wrong or unexpected behavior”.Sony recommendation PS5 player first purchase the original game,Waiting for determining no problem, buy DLC or other additional content,Of course, keep the PS5 firmware update,To ensure maximum compatibility.


  In recent months,Sony claims that “PS5 will be compatible with most PS4 games.And can bring more smooth pictures and higher frame rates.Now we can finally know what this most “exception” is.More than 4,000 games relative to the PS4 platform,Only ten games are not supported,Sony really conscience.


  As for the “more conscience” Microsoft,Then claim that Xbox SeriesX / S is compatible with all the games from the first generation XBOX.


  In addition,All games and archives downloaded to PS4 before players will be able to transfer directly to PS5,At the same time, PS5 will also be compatible with PS4 Dualshock4 handle, PS VR device and wireless headset.