Tag: 2021-06-27 19:42:04

[Hello Hero]After the epidemic, the economy will reopen the European take-away stock continuous decline: today collective diving

  Sina Technology, Beijing time, April 6, evening news,According to reports,As investors have begun to consider the life after the new crown pneumonia epidemic,The stock price of European food distribution companies began to fall.

  today,Just Eat Takeaway and Ocado are two stocks that have fallen larger in the London ICL.The decline is 1.1% and 1.7%.at the same time,in Germany,Delivery Hero fell 0.9%,Hello Fresh fell 3.4%.

  Although the daily decline is not very big,But as the economy began to re-open,The stock price of the industry has been declining in the past few weeks.E.g,Just Eat Takeaway has since the peak of October last year.It has fallen about 1/3; Delivery Hero stock price has set high in January,It fell about 17%.

  Danny Houn Houn Houni Houn Houni said: “Easter makes many people taste the delicious taste of the old days.Also re-awakened people’s old appetite.Prospects for eating,Bring the traditional restaurant and the bar boost.In contrast,Winner during the epidemic of Ocado and Hello Fresh,Its share price is inverting.”

  British bar and restaurant will be reopened on April 12,Although you can only open outdoors.of course,House believes thatThis is the long-term impact on the takeaway platform,It may not be disastrous.He says,I originally able to eat fresh feelings at home.Maybe will soon resolve.In addition,Restaurant bookings may not be so easy.

  Analyst Susannah Streeter said,The British government announced in Monday to open the economy.This may be one of the reasons for some new rounds of stock prices of online takeaway companies.