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[ubisoft battle royale ps4]E3 2021: Everything we know about Riders Republic, Ubisoft’s multiplayer bet on extreme sports

  Ubisoft’s commitment to Steep did not leave anyone indifferent, and it is clear that this multiplayer adventure sports title needed to change its approach to generate a greater impact in the current market. Y Riders Republic appears to have learned its lesson and formed an important part of the company’s conference at E3 2021.. What is shown? Quite spectacular, and it is hard for me to think that someone who has seen how a dangerous mountain is descended by bicycle with the camera in the first person has not been shocked.

  Riders Republic was delayed earlier this year to ensure it arrived in sufficient quality. Now we know that It will be next September 2, 2021 when we can enjoy this title, which the company itself calls “massively multiplayer playground”, and in essence it is a good summary. What has been shown shows that the work is not taken as seriously as that Steep with whom he only shares his love for extreme sports and his commitment to multiplayer competition.

  We will find a huge amount of risk sports, from the aforementioned mountain bikes, through snowboarding, base jumping, skiing, windsurfing … a very elaborate compendium that will take place in different settings, since Riders Republic will take us to frozen mountains but also to vast deserts or more urbanized areas. A show of variety, which also relies on other unrealistic but more spectacular sports, such as jet packs and other crazy things. That’s the tone where this Ubisoft painting is framed, with a wide range of colors used to get our attention.

  We will have at our disposal a huge map that we can travel freely and from which we can start the different tests, in the most classic sandbox style. This will allow us to calmly explore the scenarios in search of collectibles and other secrets, or jump straight to the tests, which seem to be the sauce on the plate.

  It seems that Riders Republic wants to embrace several options to satisfy many types of players and to be varied at all times. He wants to attract attention like a child who keeps calling his parents to see how well he handles his brand new skates. In this way we will find quick games where we will compete in all these sports against other players, team events and the so-called Mass Race, a very interesting bet that seems to want to transfer the essence of the Battle Royale to the competition of the game.

  Mass Race is an event that happens on the game map every hour (we will have to wait for it to happen, I imagine) in which more than 50 players will compete simultaneously on new generation consoles (it remains to be seen if it is an exclusive mode of the new consoles or if PS4 and Xbox One will also have the test but with a more limited number of users). Here different disciplines will be combined, trying to make it an absolutely chaotic and unexpected race. It paints well and it sounds great fun to be able to embark on these tests every hour, where we will have to prove ourselves in different sports at the same time, while we deal with the enormous number of competitors.


  But we will also have the typical free-for-all modes and team competitions. It’s funny because here Ubisoft wanted to emphasize that Riders Republic team competition will be truly cooperative: the players will have to use their strategies and play as a team if they want to win; It will not be enough to get points doing pirouettes and that’s it. It sounds interesting and, again, the application of elements typical of other genres to this sports madness.

  We will continually unlock new challenges, tests, clothing, customization elements for our character … everything expected for a title with these characteristics. Expect stores, additional content, etc. May the madness not stop for a single momentNot even to wear a nice set of skulls or bright colors.

  Obviously, we need to be able to prove it for ourselves. Riders Republic looks fantastic in what is shown and what Ubisoft has told, and attracts much more attention than Steep’s proposal, perhaps because of that embrace of madness from the first moment and not taking himself too seriously, although that feeling disappears when watching the spectacular sports and different competitions in action. If you play the way you see it, be careful with this proposal.